Gothia Cup

ExpressCare offers PCR and Antigen tests for Gothia Cup participation!

ExpressCare offers PCR and Antigen tests for Gothia Cup participation, you as a player, leader and supporter most easily book your test via the link below.

For bookings over 10 people or larger groups, email with the desired place and time.

PCR test including Travel Certificate: SEK 595
The PCR test is answered the same evening as the test is taken.

Antigen test including Travel certificate: SEK 195
The antigen test is answered within 30 minutes of the test being taken.

Prices vary depending on which clinic you intended to visit, choose a clinic to see current prices.

The visit does not take more than 10 minutes per person.

You must bring your identification to the visit.

For Covid-19 sampling:
If you want a travel certificate, you must bring your passport. This is because several countries require that the passport number is included on the travel certificate.

For vaccination:
hereyou will find a completed health form.

Yes of course – you can reach us on 010 204 10 00 around the clock, you can also contact us via email at:

The certificate is sent via encrypted email to your e-mail address. We recommend that you print out the certificate and bring a physical edition with you on departure.
We do not have the opportunity to print the certificate for you.

The PCR test does not answer whether you have had a history of infection, but whether you have an ongoing infection.

The date on which the PCR test is performed and the date on which the doctor issues the certificate.

Our standard certificate is in English, with the signature of our licensed specialist and with a stamp. Some countries require a special travel certificate, e.g. Austria, Egypt and Japan. We also issue these certificates.
If a certificate other than standard is required, this must be stated when booking. You as the customer are responsible for the sample being taken within the number of hours required by the specific country and for informing us that a special travel certificate is required.

In case of feverish illness, we advise you not to vaccinate and return when you have recovered.

This of course depends entirely on which vaccine you are administered with. You can find the most common side effects under each vaccine on our website here.

It is possible to combine most vaccines, but then it is administered in different extremities. The vaccines that can not be combined, we will of course inform you in advance.

The best thing is that you inform the staff on site about your fears so that they can give you the time you need and of course help you a little extra. Also, be sure to eat and drink before the visit if you know you are prone to fainting.

The country's most flexible solution!

ExpressCare proudly presents a complete solution for you as a Gothia Cup traveler with the country’s fastest response to Covid tests, as Gothia Cup travelers you also get the privilege of being vaccinated with ExpressCare for heavily discounted prices. To take part of your discounted Covid test or vaccination, you book in the desired city and show your travel documents for your trip abroad issued by Gothia Cup in connection with your payment at the clinic. At Arlanda and Landvetter, the PCR certificate is always answered within 4 hours, at our other clinics answers are offered the same day.

Sweden's most accessible care providers!

We at ExpressCare are available to you as a Gothia Cup traveler around the clock for medical travel advice, every day of the week. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us on 010 – 204 10 00 or at Information such as opening hours, response times and bookable times for covid tests and vaccinations for all clinics can be found on our website, our clinics located at Arlanda and Landvetter are open 24 hours a day. Thank you for choosing ExpressCare and have a nice trip!